Stationery & Pens

In addition to fulfilling all your reading requirments we also provide a wide range of stationery, cards and beautiful pens. We source our stationery from around the UK, and do our best to find designs that other shops don't have.

Cards & Notelets

Both our stores have extensive card ranges - we especially like Art Angels, Canns Down Press and Emily Burningham. You will also find a fine selection of notelets such as Liberty iconic designs, William Morris and Annie Soudain.

Writing paper

Rediscover the pleasure of writing with one of our newest lines in stationery. The quality and elegance of the writing paper from G. Lalo of Paris has proved very popular with both staff and customers. The writing paper is inlaid and comes in a wide variety of colours, and the matching envelopes are tissue-lined. To complement this paper we recommend trying one of our scented inks from J. Herbin. Herbin also supply calligraphy inks and nibs.

Gift Wrap

We have extended our range of gift wrap with some lovely new designs from Art Angels.

Diaries & Address Books

We stock some unique address books, including the beautifully drawn Mairi Hedderwick Hebridean range, and Cathian and Dataday leather books.


Our stock of journals includes everything from pocket size to A4, in a variety of finishes, including moleskine and leather. We have Paperblanks, Dazzlecovers, Claire Fontaine, teNeues and Moleskins .

Whilst our blank journals have many uses, we also stock journals designed for specific purposes. We have baby journals, birdwatching journals, book journals, cookery journals, golf journals, travel journals, and more! Our stores can also supply you with quality leather journals, including condolence books.


(Available from our Elgin shop)

Allied to our love of reading is our love of the art of writing, both our stores hold a wide range of beautiful pens to suit all budgets and tastes. We stock a range of classic and contemporary designs from Cross, Parker, Waterman, and more. From luxury gift items, to simple everyday pens, we have something for everyone.

The ever popular Space Pen is back in stock; it can write at any angle even upside down. It also writes on wet or shiny surfaces including photographs.

We have a few examples of the unique design Pilot Capless Fountain Pens. These pens were the first to have a retractable 18ct gold nib.

If you are looking for that special gift for a graduation, birthday, or anniversary, or a beautiful pen to sign the register on your special day, contact one of our shops. Our staff can help you make an informed decision.

If we don't have what you're looking for we'll do our best to source it for you.

Writing Accessories

To compliment our pens we also offer a range of writing accessories.

We carry refills for most types and brand of pen. We can also supply ink cartridges and bottled ink for your fountain pens; everything from classic black, to our new range of beautifully scented inks in a variety of colours.

We also have a range of quality handmade leather goods from Cathian, including blotters and writing cases in a variety of sizes and colours. In addition to Cross pens, we carry their beautiful range of leather goods. These include pen cases, organisers, conference folders, card holders and passport covers.


Chess Sets & Globes

Our Elgin store holds a range of stunning chess sets and boards, including a handpainted Battle of Culloden set. We can also order sets from a large selection provided by the SAC Traditional Games Company. Both Yeadon's stores provide a range of globes. From small animal globes to larger decorative products, we can find a globe to match your requirments, and your price range.

Family Trees & Scottish Genealogy

If you are interested in investigating your family history, Yeadon's of Elgin supply The Land and People of Moray and the Monumental Inscriptions series of booklets by Bruce Bishop. These give details of local family history and the gravestones of local burial grounds including Elgin Cathedral.

We have recently added booklets from the Moray, Nairn and Banffshire areas.